Luna Lie Lot

Pop | Glitch | Electronica


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“Music is the pathway through my shyness. Art is the key to expressing my passion”

Born in Swansea, a city she loves, Luna is set to make a splash on both the local and national music scene. Her distinctive musical style is sometimes described as an arresting crossover of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, although it is very much still her own sound. Having been writing and self-recording for the early part of her career, her recent visits to a recording studio have allowed her to add new depth and maturity to her music.

Whilst staunchly unafraid to try new things in the studio, Luna has struggled to overcome her shyness and lack of confidence in everyday life. Having really found her voice in the last couple of years, Luna is now using her music as a gateway to reach new people and build relationships. She hopes that her music and art not only continue to help her develop on a personal level, but also that it will inspire the next generation of artists who follow on behind.

Her music is perfectly complimented by her forays into visual art too (be sure to check out @lunalielot on Instagram). As with her music, Luna has a very distinctive and personal “glitch art” style but is still hesitant to show herself to the public, often choosing to obscure her own face.

Her first single “Don't Hang onto Me” is an exciting blend of mainstream pop and electronica, with a hint of heartbreak. While on the surface it's a song about relationship breakdown, it reflects her journey so far, expressing previous disappointments and the hope she feels for the future that often comes as a result of making difficult decisions.


Luna Lie Lot is a prodigious talent; as she continues to emerge from her shell, so her music and art continue to bloom. Be sure to come along for the journey.